Establishing the value and business model for sustainable eHealth services in Europe


The project approach is reflected in the workpackage structure, with requirements, use case development and service modelling, technical specification and implementation of prototypes and their testing taking place in WP1-4, each divided into tasks reflecting the early, mature and final prototype structure. Work across WP1-4 will make use of the ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010 standard for consistency. The overall structure of the workplan and key dependencies is shown in figure below.


Workplan and interdependencies


Work package No. Work package title Lead participant (short name)
WP1 Prioritised eHealth Services and Use Cases HSCIC (Jeremy Thorp) & DSSIS (Michèle Thonnet)
WP2 Business Modelling DMI (Danielle Dupont) & EuroRec (Dipak Kalra)
WP3 Adoption and incentives roadmap

EMP (Veli Stroetmann) & EHTEL (Diane Whitehouse)

WP4 Design & Deployment Roadmap Lomb (Marcello Melgara) & EuroRec (Dipak Kalra)
WP5 Stakeholder Engagement and Endorsement RAMIT (Zoi Kolitsi) & SPMS (Henrique Martin)
WP6 Management & Communication EuroRec (Dipak Kalra) & RAMIT (Geert Thienpont)